A New Armenia is a 60-minute public television (PBS) documentary film and educational outreach initiative that tells the stories of fascinating Armenian Americans working to preserve their Armenian culture while also impacting American culture through music, business, politics, art, religion, theatre, and volunteerism. 

The Project
A New Armenia is a feature documentary film for public television (PBS) stations across the United States. It will be paired with a significant national outreach education initiative. The project is designed by successful public television producers Stephanie Ayanian, Joseph Myers, and Tom Keiter. It is executive produced by Alexis Alexanian who has over twenty years of industry experience as a producer and consultant to major industry players. She is currently President of Production at LOCOMOTIVE, a film, television and financing company that Executive Produced Rebecca Miller’s Maggie’s Plan, starring Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore which is currently in theaters.

  • First major film to tell the inspiring stories of today’s Armenians from across the United States, and not focusing on the Genocide.

  • Stories act as exemplars for Armenian Americans, offering them models of success for the next century.

  • Non-Armenians gain an appreciation for a rich and ancient Armenian culture that is being actively adapted and advanced in communities across the country today.

  • Reaching 211 million Americans and creating tangible impact through a successful public television model.

  • Broad outreach initiative including K-12 curriculum, social media campaign, and live cultural events for the Armenian and non-Armenian public.

  • Supported by Armenian organizations, including Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR), Knights and Daughters of Vartan, Armenia Tree Project, and Armenian Youth Federation (AYF).

Financial Status and Ask
We have secured over $476,000 in cash and pledges to reach out fundraising goal for the film. We now need to raise an additional $163,000 for the educational outreach initiative.  A well-implemented outreach initiative increases the impact of the documentary. Without additional funding, it will solely be a documentary film that airs on public television (PBS) stations without the reinforcement of live events at stations in major markets, K-12 outreach, and an interactive social media campaign. 

storyshop has spent over two years researching and filming the stories of Armenian Americans, organizing internationally recognized content advisors, outreach partners, and cultivating the relationship with PBS to enable the production and distribution of A New Armenia. The company is diligently filming stories and continuing to position relationships for successful distribution in communities all over the United States. storyshop is half-way through filming.
The Stories
The film follows a select set of individuals, all chosen to resonate with non-Armenian audiences as well as with Armenians. The project will document their lives, work projects, struggles and triumphs over nearly a year in each of their lives. Each in their own way, they work to perpetuate culture and preserve Armenian identity

The 3-minute video below offers an example of our professionalism and a chance to hear from the project's originator, Stephanie Ayanian. It was produced before we began this project, and is no longer entirely representative of our film's content, which will consist of the real-person stories of Armenian Americans today.