The Faculty

Provides insight into the work of three faculty: a climate geologist, an organic chemist and an entomologist focused on pollinator research. Portrays both their research and teaching and supports the campaign goal to build faculty strength and capacity.

The Future

Provides insight into a generation of students focused on making a difference – from energy, to global hunger, economics, healthcare, and education. Supports the campaign goal to foster discovery and creativity.

Then and Now

Introduces three students donors first met in campaign launch videos. We catch up with them five years later to see and hear about their success and the scholarships that supported their education. Spotlights the campaign goal of student scholarship support.

Arriving on Campus

Takes the audience through that first day on campus and provides some memories and perspectives on the freshman experience. We meet Ravi and Naseem, along with two seniors, John and Chloe, to complete the perspective. Supports the campaign goal of continuing a tradition of quality.

Programs, Places & Spaces

Is a whirling tour of campus highlighting the Schreyer Honors College, investment in facilities, and donor-supported programs from athletics to arboretum. The video supports honors education, intercollegiate athletics, and other extraordinary programs.


Focuses on the non-classroom activities that provide transforming life experiences for students. From undergraduate research, to participating in THON (student philanthropy), to working with special needs students, to student athletes in women’s basketball and football, to serving as an outdoor educator, the segment supports the enrichment of the student experience.

Voices of Gratitude

We hear from all our students about what philanthropy has meant for them personally. Closes with the idea that “philanthropy plays a huge role in making students aware that there isn't a limit to what you can do with your education.”

Penn State is…

The 18-minute version combines assets from all segments into a single story. This version used for campaign volunteers' closing luncheon.