Authentic story persuades

Before you begin a campaign. Before you hire an agency. Before you spend time and money developing a slogan. Before you do any of these things, you must know your institution's authentic, engaging story.

Campaigns driven by a clear all-permeating story do three things

  1. Establish coherency of message across all media, communications, and communicators, so that audiences can perceive a set of seemingly disparate parts as a wholistic experience.
  2. Deeply engage audiences in compelling, stakes-driven narratives
  3. And finally, persuade them effectively via genuine, earned emotional and informational appeals.

This is not about getting the right slogan. This is not an exercise in "messaging." This is not about suggesting you need drone shots. We won't use words like "fast-paced" or discuss what kind of music you need. Before any of that can happen, you need to know how your campaign will connect your audience with your compelling, authentic narrative. Only then will they be on-board, fully engaged, and virtually persuade themselves.

This is about creating a story-driven campaign from the very start – an effort that will ultimately give you a criteria for evaluating all ideas presented by the creatives you are working with. You will save money by being effective from the start. You'll achieve measurably better results by keeping your audience engaged and reaching them intellectually and emotionally. Perhaps most importantly you will cut through the barrage a media faced by today's savvy audiences by providing a rare, authentic experience.

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